Call to all New England Musicians

Skydive New England is looking for artists who would like to submit their music to accompany our skydiving videos. A large percentage of our guests receive videos to commemorate their trips with us. These videos are uploaded to the web, put in rotation for In – House viewing and shared with family and friends for years to come.

We get a lot of calls asking us “What is that song playing in the background? We want the CD!”  We would much rather tell them the music is from great local artists.

So, if you are in a band, record your own music and/ or know some talented musicians in New England – Please let them know about this opportunity.


Our videographers are looking for high energy music with good groove and beats. Although we will entertain any submissions, we are primarily looking for good-

Drum and Bass
Folk- Rock
Prog and Indie

- Anything that Moves -

Simply click here and print out the “Music Release Form”. Fill this form out and mail it to us along with your CDs.

Mail completed form and music to:

Skydive New England
c/o Jason Fogg
40 Skydive Lane

Lebanon, ME 04027
contact info

Contact: 207.339.1520

Toll Free: 800-U-GO-JUMP