Your Video at Skydive New England is shot in beautiful High Definition format. Choose a USB drive and receive an up loadable MPEG file that is 1280 X 720. 
One of our professional free-fall videographers will jump right along with you and capture your jump on video! You can choose from USB Flash Drive or DVD format with complimentary digital photographs too! That way, you can then share the thrill of your life with friends and family for years to come.


High Definition DVD or USB Package from Skydive New England 

Package includes:
  • Fully Digital Video Productions
  • Fully Digital HI Quality Still Photos

USB package includes:
  • Video Rendered to an MPEG that is ready to upload to YouTube, be burned to a DVD or imported into your favorite editing program.
  • Fully Digital HI Quality still photos

Either package may add:
  • For a limited time, you have the choice of having SNE upload your video to YouTube at NO ADDITIONAL COST
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Contact: 207.339.1520

Toll Free: 800-U-GO-JUMP