First-Time Skydiving Tips

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

There’s a first time for everything. As a matter of fact, we’d never get anywhere if it weren’t for “firsts.” Lucky for you, there have been plenty of people paving the way with first-time skydiving. Because of these folks, we’ve figured out the first-time skydiving tips you really need to know. If you’re considering making your first skydiving trip with Skydive New England, read up! We’ve got five first-time skydiving tips we wish everyone knew!

first time skydiving tips

First time skydiving tip #1: Book Early

We suggest booking your tandem skydive at least one week in advance. Now, if you’re the impulsive type, this little piece of advice might not jive, but there’s a pretty good reason behind it. Scheduling ahead, honestly, gives you more flexibility and gives you the best chance you have to get the date and time that you want. If you’re bringing a group of friends, you’ll want to increase that timeline a bit and book within 1-2 weeks in advance.

The other thing we mean by book early is quite literal: book the earliest time in the day that you can. (Cue the chorus of sighs from the night owls and a pleased little crescendo from all the early birds out there.) Here’s the logic behind this aspect of the tip. 

  1. Typically Consistent Weather: the morning will usually offer the best time of day for skydiving. During the spring and summer months, afternoon thunderstorms are far more likely. If you want a beautiful, slightly brisk, crisp first-time skydive, booking for the morning is your best bet. 
  2. You’ll Be Queued Up: If you are the first scheduled group of the day, you will be the first to go if there is an unforeseen delay.
  3. Diminished Wait Times: Weather permitting, typically, jumpers that schedule for morning skydives experience significantly fewer delays than jumpers scheduled later in the afternoon. 

First time skydiving tip # 2: Gather Up A Group

Some people like to do things solo, and that’s a-okay by us! But, if you happen to be on the fence about bringing a group: just do it! Our second skydiving tip for first-timers is to bring a crew along with you. First off, the energy that a good group of first-time skydivers brings is unparalleled. You can hype each other up and help keep the experience positive and fun. Because you will all be experiencing the same spectrum of emotions as you embark on, it’s also a great way to bond even more closely with friends and family alike. Plus, if you get enough people interested, you may even be able to qualify for group pricing

Even if your loved ones aren’t so keen on the idea of jumping themselves, there’s nothing wrong with inviting them along to support you as your ground crew!

First time skydiving tip #3: Dress Appropriately

It’s important to keep in mind that skydiving is a sport, and so, there’s a certain attire that is best suited for the activity. If you’re looking for a style of clothing to skydive in, activewear is a preferred option. As a rule of thumb, if you can exercise in it, then it will probably be fine to skydive in. That being said, you will want to make sure that your tops and bottoms are not too baggy but, rather, are comfortably fitted. The 120mph wind of freefall loves nothing more than to whip about tugging at clothing. Similarly, loose items like necklaces and large hoop earrings or gauges should not be worn. In general, if you are able to leave the jewelry with someone on the ground, it is better to leave it behind than to take it with you. 

First time skydiving tip #4: Don’t Scorn A Media Package

Memories may fade, but pictures last a lifetime. Your first jump will pass by in the blink of an eye. With a media package, you can capture with crystal clarity each pivotal moment of your very first skydive. 

first time skydiving

When you purchase a skydiving digital media package, you will be assigned your very own personal videographer. This individual will capture photos as you gear up, walk to the aircraft, sit along the edge of the open door of an airplane in flight, the transcendental moment where you exit the confines of your comfort zone and enter freefall, and of course, the landing as you celebrate the new level of epicness you just achieved!

First time skydiving tip number 5: Eat A Balanced Diet

If there’s a surefire way to ensure a less than pleasant skydive, it’s to make a jump on an empty stomach. Take it from us, the day of your skydive is not the time to give intermittent fasting a whirl. Because of the significant peak in adrenaline that you will experience, you will want to make sure you have something in your stomach. It is best if you eat a moderate healthy breakfast before heading to the dropzone for your jump. Although, if you get a bit peckish while you wait or forget to grab a snack, our on-site restaurant the Ripcord Cafe has you covered!

You’ve got the first-time skydiving tips, now it’s time to put them to use. Call or click to schedule a jump with Skydive New England today!

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