The Best Skydiving in Maine

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Do you desire to have breathtaking views of the ocean while you skydive? Or maybe mountains are more your thing. Either way, Skydive New England has you covered! Why is Skydive New England the best place to skydive in all of the Northeast (and the WORLD, in our humble opinion)? Let’s jump into why we’re the best place for some Maine skydiving! 

Location, Location, Location

Skydive New England is located just 45 minutes from Portland, 1.5 hours from Boston, and just under 2 hours from Augusta. Whether this beautiful area is your home, you’re visiting a friend, you’re or close by for business, we are in the absolute best and most ideal central location for a life-changing experience!  

best maine skydiving

The New England Views

From the mountains of New Hampshire to the Atlantic ocean, you can see it all from the skies of Skydive New England. Imagine the fiery fall or bright green summer trees mixed with the striking deep blue of the ocean, it’s truly unmatched! Things look a little more magical from 14,000 feet (yes, that’s just over 2.5 MILES up in the sky) and we happily offer some of the most striking natural scenery in the US. 

Note: Think about how important the background of a skydiving photo or video is! Obviously, you’re the Maine (hehe) attraction of the video, but the backdrop is pretty dang important, too. 

The Planes

When picking a dropzone for your skydive (especially for the first time), it’s important to consider the aircraft that will be taking you up! We have a diverse fleet that includes a trusty Cessna-182, a Cessna-206, and a 22-seat Super Twin Otter. Okay, uhhh, what are these!?


The OG skydiving plane! The true pillar of the skydiving industry! This aircraft holds a total of five people (pilot included) and is used for lower altitude jumps (skydivers call them hop ‘n pops), tandem jumps, and everything in between.


Similar to the 182, the 206 can hold 5 to 7 skydivers; it’s perfect for small formation dives.

best skydiving in maineSuper Twin Otter:

This is the Big Kahuna of skydiving jump planes! Seriously. It’s the only one of its kind in all of New England…so, yeah. This majesty of airplanes fits 22 skydivers, making it awesome for anything and everything. This is the plane that our tandems jump from and will get to 14,000 feet in about 15 minutes (wild)!

We are proud and fortunate to have such a vast selection of jump planes that are great for different disciplines. Trust us, experiencing your first jump from the coveted Twin Otter is special. 

The Facilities

Obviously, if you’re coming to skydive you probably don’t want to hear about the yummy food at the Ripcord Cafe (although it is important to eat, albeit lightly, on jump day!), or how clean our bathrooms are … but the hype crew coming to watch you probably does! So tell your peoples: we have immaculate facilities – from a full-service cafe and restrooms, to a gear store and covered packing area. 

Get Licensed!

We offer the most extensive skydiving licensing program out there: Accelerated Freefall (AFF). Although tandem skydiving is amazing and life-changing and just all-around AWESOME in itself, some people crave more than a one-time experience.

Learning to skydive solo has a plethora of benefits that are nearly impossible to find anyway else. Whether you want to delve into a life-altering hobby and become a part of our sky family, or overcome a major fear and gain confidence, we’ve got you covered with world-class facilities, instructors, and aircraft to help you grow into a safe and well-rounded skydiver.  

Note: Once you become licensed and are officially a ‘fun jumper’ (in as little as 25 jumps!), you’ll be able to start the journey of exploring different skydiving disciplines – as if just falling through the sky isn’t exciting enough!! We have many fun jumpers who are versed in different disciplines, meaning you’ll have an awesome opportunity to gain knowledge and coaching from jumpers that are passionate about the sport, no matter what you decide to focus on! 

Intern with us!

We are proud to help college students reach and exceed their graduation requirements through an extensive and hands-on 14-week internship program. Whether social media, customer service, or marketing is your thing, we’re always looking for self-motivated and outgoing people to join our team! Hanging out with the coolest people ever at the happiest place on earth (AKA the dropzone) all day!? Sign me up!! 

The People

We saved the best for last. The number one thing that makes Skydive New England the best place to skydive in all of Maine is our community. From our manifest team (who literally run the show), ground crew, packers, administrative staff, and interns … to our pilots, coaches, instructors, students, and fun-jumpers, we are top-notch. We are proudly Veteran-owned, have a superb safety record (we’re sticklers about regular maintenance of our aircraft and gear), prioritize family, and have operated for over 35 years. 

We hope that you’ll let us create a core memory with you! Book your tandem at Skydive New England today and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! 

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