Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is today’s most innovative and popular way of making that first jump!

Your adventure begins with a 30-minute ground school where you meet staff members, view instructional videotapes, and get a general overview of your jump. You will learn how to exit the aircraft, freefall techniques, and body position during landing. Tandem jumping uses the dual instruction approach similar to learning how to fly an airplane, and your tandem instructor will be there to assist you through all phases of your skydive.

The plane ride lasts about 15-20 minutes and the views from above the dropzone are incredible! The ocean views of the majestic New England coastline and breathtaking New Hampshire mountains will surely enhance your experience!

Tandem jumping is such an incredible experience! you will get the high-speed thrill of freefall, followed by the serenity and beauty of the parachute ride. Once you are back to earth, you will receive a first jump certificate and all the necessary information on how to become a licensed skydiver. Whether you are planning to become a skydiver or just want to experience the thrill of skydiving, this is a great introduction into the exciting world of freefall skydiving!!

Reservations are recommended. We are open 7 days a week, so pick the day that works best for you. We ask that you leave a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the tandem class. The deposit goes towards the balance of your skydive, which you pay on the day of your jump. You can use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) by phone at 1-800-UGO-JUMP, or online.

Plan to spend the day at the dropzone. Your class time is not necessarily your jump time. Remember, skydiving is a weather permitting sport. If you are unable to jump on your scheduled date due to the weather, we will issue you a raincheck which is good for 2 years.

Wear comfy clothes and a good pair of sneakers.

We supply all the equipment needed. We have the most up-to-date tandem and student equipment available in the world today. The instructors will give you personalized skydiving instruction using the most modern training techniques available. All skydiving instructors and parachute riggers are certified by the United States Parachute Association and the FAA, and average over 7,000 jumps each.

You will jump from 14,000ft and the freefall lasts for over a minute. You will reach speeds of up to 120 mph.

Your parachute is rectangular in shape, similar to the wing of an airplane, and is completely controllable. Canopy rides last about 5-9 minutes, depending on how fast you like to fly your parachute.

Weight limit is 240lbs.

You must be 18 or older to skydive, so bring a picture ID.

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