AFF Skydiving Cost

Learn What it Costs to Skydive with the AFF Course

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Skydiving License?

Becoming a solo, certified skydiver is rewarding and attainable. The two keys every future skydiver needs to budget for are money and time.

Our program costs $3,045 for all 25 skydives required to earn an A License and two training classes. Student jumpers do not need to prepay for the whole program, just one jump at a time. Below is the pricing breakdown for our AFF, learn to skydive program.

Accelerated Free Fall Program
Integrated Student Program: First AFF Skydive Description Price
AFF Ground School Ground School Training
FJC Training Manual $10, Course $145
Jumps 1-3 (Category A - C) Student jumps with two AFF Instructors
price is per jump
$245 (each)
Jumps 4-7 (Category C, D, E1, E2) Student jumps with one AFF instructor
price is per jump
$200 (each)
Coach Jumps (6) Student jump with one coach
price is per jump
Solos (12) Student jump with no instructor
price is per jump

Post AFF Course – Attaining your A-license

Once you’ve completed the first seven jumps of AFF, you’re now cleared for solo supervision. Though you’ve graduated from the AFF program there’s still more to learn as you build your skills towards gaining your A-license.

Integrated Student Program Jumps 8 – 25 up to USPA “A” License

Prices include pre and post jump instruction, gear rental, instructors or coaches, and your SKYDIVE!

Integrated Student Program: Jumps 8 - 25 up to USPA "A" License Description Price
Solo Jumps Self-supervision jumps from altitudes ranging from 3,500 feet to 13,500 feet; price per jump $65
USPA Coach Jumps Coached jumps; jumps equal to Categories F - H; price per jump $115

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By joining our email list, you enter to win a free tandem skydiving experience. In April and December, Skydive New England will draw a winner for a free tandem skydive (a $240 value) and announce it on our social media pages. As a bonus, you will receive a $10 coupon off a tandem skydive. Enter today, and find out if you're destined to fly! Must be 18 to jump. 240 lb weight limit.
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