What Our Guests Are Saying

Chelsey M.

Yesterday myself and 3 others jumped for the first time! It was everything I could have imagined and more! The staff was great super helpful and made the experience what it was. The peak season for foliage made for a beautiful sight, Can’t wait to come back again! A big thank you to my instructor Rodrigo who helped me through the nerves and put my mind at easy so I could I enjoy it!

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Jill Herrington Abston

I’ve been jumping here since 2003 and don’t have enough positive adjectives to describe this place. It’s a little slice of heaven! They’re dedicated to safety and determined to show you a good time. I love it and love all the staff that makes this place what it is!

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Emily S.

If you’re going to jump this is the place! Being from the city I almost didn’t believe people could be as nice and welcoming as they are at SNE, and I’ve never been happier to be so wrong. Whether you are a tandem or a fun jumper the staff is always looking out for you 100%. I can’t say enough good things about this dropzone ♡

Dan Stephen

What a rush! This was the highlight of my time in New England.
The team at  SkyDive New England were amazing at making me feel relaxed (or as relaxed as you can be before you jump out of plane).
Nestled in the heart of the NE region, the views are amazingly breath taking, and the service exceptional and efficient.
From a $$$ perspective SkyDive New England represents probably the best value for money of any skydiving company in the US. I felt that it was cheap for what i was getting and even had my jump filmed and edited.

Thank you for the most amazing experience.

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Norman Parks on AFF

Getting AFF certified training! The place is great:) People are great. Safety is number 1 priority. I’ve gone multiple time and not jumped due to wind conditions. But all for my safety. They truly care!!!! I’ll keep going and having a blast!!!!! Safety first but most importantly FUN is second!!!!

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Bonnie M

I went for my first tandem jump in June. I was very scared but my jump partner, Bun Bun, was absolutely the best at keeping me calm, informed and making me laugh. He has wonderful energy and clearly loves what he does. I ended up purchasing another jump at a great discount afterwards to use later in the summer. So back I went, requested Bun Bun again and the 2nd jump was even more fun (and less scary) as I knew what to expect. I cant wait till Spring and do it again.

Every person I encountered there were fantastic. I highly recommend Sky Dive New England .

Bonnie M.

Mike M.

This place is the best kept secret in skydiving. Best vibes on the planet. Nowhere else I have been compares to the friendly atmosphere and “good times” that you get at this place. Swoop pond…raging bands by the raging fires. Great mix of flat flying and freeflying and everybody gets along. NO SKYGODS!!! Great place to learn and jump. If you can’t have a good time here…then you probably can’t have a good time anywhere else.

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Gary G.

I can say this without a doubt or reservation; this was indeed one of the best experiences of my life. As an insurance sales exec., the greatest risk I take is the chance of rejection. So from that place to this, is an amazing leap (no pun intended). The professionalism of your staff, from training to landing is unequaled in any avenue of vocation or avocation. A special thanks to Mike and Meaghan for assuring me, keeping me loose and confident….I started to have some doubt of my sanity when I saw the first flyer exit the plane. The speed at which he disappeared from my view left me a little queasy. Meaghan’s humor and encouragement kept me focused. I took a couple deep breaths, did a little meditation, and decided the best way for my exit would be with my eyes closed. After that it was pure wonderment…Thank you all so very much, I will return.

Steven M. Long

Jumped 9/11/2010, was beyond words..Keith and Ben did an excellent job, every body else there was good also.. I lost 25lbs to get to tandem weight WILL lose the rest to get to AFF weight..There are health benefits of jumping out of a plane…Who knew….see ya next year

Mark & Lori Reynolds

Yeah, you’ve heard it before,” why jump out of a perfectly good airplane”, but as a pilot for twenty plus years, that’s how I felt until Columbus Day 2010. NE Skydiving and staff, especially Cleve and Scott made our day everything we had hoped. Compares to the peace of scuba diving under the sea, Lori said. Except for the rush of the air, I agree, a must for any bucket list, and maybe, I can talk her into solo training:) Loved you guys, thanks to all.

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Loved you guys, thanks to all.

Mark & Lori Reynolds