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Is Skydiving Worth It?


Curtis Posted by: Curtis White 2 years ago

Curious if skydiving is skydiving worth it? Should you go skydiving? Why should you go skydiving? These are questions we’re often asked, and for us, the answers are all simple: Yes! And the reason… Because it will change your life!! For those on the fence about skydiving, though, these are head-scratchers that need to be answered, or else they may never take flight. Let’s get into it.

Is Skydiving Worth the Money?

At Skydive New England, a tandem skydive costs between $190 and $250, depending on when you jump with us. That may seem like a lot – but skydiving costs a pretty penny for good reason. Purchasing and maintaining airplanes and gear as well as employing highly-trained and experienced instructors and ground crew is an expensive endeavor. If you find rock-bottom pricing for skydiving, beware! You wouldn’t choose a surgeon based on price, and you shouldn’t choose a dropzone based on price either!

Do your homework when choosing your dropzone. One quality indicator is if the dropzone is a USPA member (we are); another is to read dropzone reviews. A great litmus test is to call and get a sense of the DZ vibe or, better yet, stop by the dropzone and scope it out first hand before booking your jump.

Is Skydiving Worth the Risk?

The question underlying “Should I go skydiving?” is about skydiving safety. Is skydiving risky? Of course, it is. You jump out of a plane, for Pete’s sake! And that’s part of what’s enticing about skydiving to begin with! The other part that makes skydiving awesome is doing it again and again and again. So, it’s about mitigating the risk with stringent safety practices and protocols.

Our extreme sport has come a long way since civilian skydivers jumped with military surplus gear. Those now-iconic round parachutes were essentially at the will of the wind, and malfunctions were a legit concern. Modern-day skydiving gear and technology are both very sophisticated and malfunctions are extremely rare.

Additionally, skydivers are not the devil-may-care adrenaline junkies they’re scripted to be. Skydivers are generally disciplined, highly trained, and strictly credentialed to ensure they are qualified and equipped to fly responsibly. And they do! As a matter of fact, the USPA reports that 2021 may have been the safest skydiving year on record to date in the US.

Only you can determine your risk tolerance, so only you can decide if skydiving is worth the risk for you. One last thing to keep in mind as you marinate, though. According to the National Safety Council, the likelihood of being involved in a fatal car accident is 1 in 107 or 0.9% chance of a fatal accident. The USPA’s 2020 safety summary reports a 10-year average of one student fatality per 500,000 tandem skydiving jumps – or a 0.0002% fatality rate. Statistically speaking, then, you are in more danger behind the wheel than under a parachute!

Why Do People Go Skydiving?

Why people go skydiving is a question of motivation, which means the answers are unique to every person – but there are certainly some trends!

People Skydive to Face Fear

Skydiving is incredibly empowering. Showing yourself that you are strong enough to overcome your fear, meet the moment, and SOAR is life-affirming. If you can do this, you can do anything, beautiful human!

People Skydive to Shake Things Up

Adulting is chock full of rinse-and-repeat responsibilities. Skydiving is a fantastic way to bust out of the box and do something absolutely extraordinary. The mile-wide smile you land with lasts a while, too. Yes!

People Skydive to Mark A Milestone

Whether beginning a new chapter or ending another, skydiving is a great way to make a mark on your personal timeline. For some it’s a celebratory jump; for others, it’s an opportunity for release or reclamation.

Why should you go skydiving? In a nutshell: because it will change your life! Ready to take the leap? Come jump with us at our amazing skydiving resort – we’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable experience, and then some. Got more questions before you book? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Blue skies!