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First Jump

Tandem Skydiving New England

Wicked-Good Adventure

talk while skydiving

What To Expect

Get Ready …

Get Set.

Go, Go, Go!

skydiving weather conditions

mental benefits of skydiving

The Finish Line

Skydiving Media Packages

Skydiving Requirements






Special Tandem Rates

Discounts Price
Mother’s/Father’s Day Rate
2024 Discount Code: momjumps / dadjumps; For Mom on Mother's Day, Dad on Father's Day
Military & Student Discount
Show valid photo identification at check-in. Active duty military and vets welcome!
10+ Group Rate
Price is per person. 10+ people from the group must physically check in the day of the skydive to receive the rate.
Weekday Discount
While appts last - April-June
Birthday Discount
Valid on DOB only. If bday falls on Tues/Weds, we will honor Mon/Thurs. Rate for birthday jumper only.
Next Jump Discount
Purchase second tandem jump within 48 hours.

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Let's Go!