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Tandem Skydiving FAQs

Questions About Skydive New England

You Ask; We Tell!

Where is Skydive New England?

When are you open?

Do I need a reservation?

What time should I get to the dropzone?

How long will I be at the dropzone?

Can I skydive at night?

Can I stay at the dropzone?

Can my friends and family watch me skydive?

Can I bring a group?

Will our group jump together?

Do you do corporate events?

Is there a minimum age for skydiving?

Is there a maximum age for skydiving?

Is there a tandem skydiving weight limit?

What are the physical requirements for tandem skydiving?

Can you go skydiving with a cold?

Who should not skydive?

Can I skydive with a disability?

What should I wear?

What should I bring?

Can I eat before skydiving?

Can I drink before skydiving?

Can I bring my dog with me to the dropzone?

How much does skydiving cost?

Do you offer skydiving discounts?

Do I have to make a deposit?

Can I reschedule or cancel my jump?

What is your refund policy?

Should I tip my tandem instructor or videographer?

Do you offer gift certificates?

Should I get skydiving video?

Do I have to choose between video and stills?

Can I take my own skydiving video?

Can I share my skydiving video package with a friend?

Is skydiving safe?

Is there a skydiving regulatory body?

Skydiving safety at SNE.

What are my tandem instructors credentials?

How many parachutes will I jump with?

What other life-saving skydiving equipment will I jump with?

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