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Questions About Learning To Skydive

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Is there an age requirement to learn how to skydive?

Is there a weight requirement for enrolling in AFF?

Do I have to do a tandem skydive before beginning the AFF?

How long does it take to complete ground school?

Is it possible to complete ground school and make my first jump in the same day?

Are weather limitations different for students versus licensed skydivers?

Is all of the gear I’ll need to learn to skydive provided with the AFF training course?

Can I rent or buy gear at the dropzone?

How much does it cost to rent gear from the Gear Store?

How long does it take to complete AFF?

What if I don’t pass a particular AFF course category?

How many AFF instructors are with me during the AFF program?

How do I land if I've never jumped before?

What happens after AFF?

What are the different skydiving license levels?

What can you do with each skydiving license?

Can I continue to progress at Skydive New England?

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