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Accelerated Freefall

Learn To Skydive With SNE

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AFF Training Program

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AFF Training Tuition

Accelerated Freefall (AFF)

Options Price
AFF Ground School
Manual $10, First Jump Course Instruction $145.
Jumps 1-3
Category A-C; Jump with 2 AFF Instructors.
$250 per jump
Jumps 4-8
Category C, D, E1, E2; Jump with 1 AFF Instructor.
$210 per jump
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AFF Requirements







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A License Progression

Log 25 jumps
Complete 5 group jumps involving at least 2 participants
Complete and receive sign-off on all requirements listed on the A License Proficiency Card
Submit your signed Proficiency Card to the USPA to receive your license number
Ace your check dive and earn sign-off by a current USPA Instructor
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A License Training Tuition

A License Progression

Options Price
Coach Jumps
6 jumps with an AFF Instructor or Coach.
$150 per jump
Solo Jumps
12 solo jumps, without an AFF Instructor or Coach.
$70 per jump

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