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Our Dropzone

The Ultimate Skydiving Destination

Welcome to Skydive New England!

Our Dropzone

Super-fast 900 HP Blackhawk Caravan
Skydiving-only airport
Restaurant, The Ripcord Café
Free parking
Spectator area
Free WiFi
ATM machine
Free tent camping (first-come, first-served)
Clean bathrooms
Epic 20-foot bonfire pit
Themed parties
Live music
Indoor basketball

skydiving swooping

Sky Fam Amenities

Covered packing
Creeping pad
Landing area shuttle bus
Gear rental; gear store
Rigging loft
Coaching and load organizing
Updated “schoolhouse”
Team rooms
Swoop pond
Bathhouse access
RV campground access (licensed jumpers only; reserve in advance)
Bunkhouse access (students & licensed jumpers only; reserve in advance)
Events, courses and camps

The Ripcord Café

Ready to Jump?

Let’s Go!