Internship Program

There’s more to Internships than learning how your boss takes his coffee!

Skydive New England Internship Programs

As of 2017, Skydive New England has graduated over 60 Students from our Program. Participants complete their College Internships and meet graduation requirements within many curriculums. We work with many colleges throughout the United States and offer Regional and On –Site Positions during every season.

Skydive New England  is looking for Interns (College or Independent) who aim to further advance their skills in Marketing, Branding, Networking and Administration within the Hospitality and Tourism Industries of New England . We are constantly evolving to explore new markets and educate potential adventure seekers about our industry. Skydive New England offers a curriculum that helps the right person obtain valuable employment and life skills while working for one of New England’s most exciting and unique companies. All of our programs run 14 weeks during the summer.

All Interns participate in Skydiving experiences to familiarize them with our exciting industry and product. Mandatory Fun as we like to call it. After all, we are in the SMILE business.  This hands-on training and orientation experience will help you acquire the confidence and passion to convey and represent our company in the field. This confidence is vital in communicating our concept to the waves of exited people you will interact with throughout the course of your internship.

Skydive New England Field Representative- Marketing and Promotions Team

Skydive New England was built on Fun and Adventure. We apply these two elements into everything we do. Even our Internships! Our Field Representatives work as a TEAM to reach common goals. Goals we achieve by depending entirely on a “Creative Open Table” strategy we strongly focus on and mentor throughout our 14 weeks with you. Do you live in New England during your summer? This might be the position for you!

Do You Have?

  • Great people skills, self-motivation and an outgoing personality
  • A desire to create and complete goal oriented tasks relating to our concept
  • A basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Reliable transportation and lines of communication
  • The ability to work in a fast paced- customer service oriented sales environment while still conveying fun, adventure and excitement

Marketing Representatives work 20 hours a week performing administrative tasks the Marketing Director and the Representative create together within team. An additional 20 hours is spent in the field. Field duties are reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure accountability and a continuing education of the concept. These hours are required by colleges we currently work with. We are able to accommodate any hourly curriculum required by your college. We can also create schedules with Team Members to accommodate specific time guidelines comfortable for a practicum and/or curriculum agreed upon by the Intern and Director.

Learn To:

  • Properly and successfully execute marketing and promotion initiatives in a Team Setting
  • Research and place media/POS throughout New England utilizing in kind product trade
  • Interact with customers and associative vendors in a direct sales and networking environment
  • Be an educational liaison/spokesperson for outreach programs, at Events and in the field

Our Team members gain unique and valuable Industry experience through exposure to:

  • Company Marketing Strategies and Event Planning with associated partners and vendors
  • Working directly with Managerial Staff at Skydive New England
  • Interaction with potential guests for the opportunity to apply techniques daily
  • An attentive review and analysis study of project progression (ROI)


Onsite Staff Internships at Skydive New England, Lebanon, Maine

Do You Have?

  • Great people skills, self-motivation and an outgoing personality
  • A desire to create and complete goal oriented tasks relating to our concept
  • A basic knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Reliable transportation and lines of communication
  • The ability to work in a fast paced- customer service oriented sales environment while still conveying fun, adventure and excitement

Onsite Staff Interns will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in all areas related to operating a Skydiving Learning Center and Extreme Resort.   The candidate will work directly with customers, management and team leaders in areas such as Sales & Marketing, Recreation Planning, Customer Service, and Scheduling. A vital aspect of this position is to function as a liaison for the customers and work with the management team to continuously develop and improve the customer’s overall experience.

Our Operations and Manifest Management Team will train and educate you on how to successfully accomplish required tasks to meet all curriculums.

Onsite Staff Intern Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

  • 30 – 40 hours weekly – Working with Operations Management Team on site at the Skydive New England Dropzone, 40 Skydive Lane, Lebanon, Maine
  • Working directly with Managers to continuously develop and improve customer experience
  • Assisting Marketing Department, Scheduling Office, Call Center, Cafe, Pilots, Parachute, Packers, or Classrooms as needed
  • Providing Managers with feedback on new and transitional reservation systems
  • Creating a weekly video and posting to Social Media sites
  • Phone sales and reservations (NO COLD CALLS-incoming calls only)
  • Assisting customer in planning an enjoyable experience in Southern Maine
  • Providing other customer support as needed
  • Administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, and tracking
  • 10 hours weekly – Working with SNE’s Marketing Director
  • Collecting, reviewing, editing, and posting Weekly videos on Social Media sites
  • Collecting, editing, and posting Weekly photos on Social Media sites


Social Media Administrator – Marketing Team

Social Media Platforms are important vehicles for creating awareness and communicating with our customers in a Cyber Forum. We work with you to gather content about our brand and distribute it creatively using our platforms. Basically keeping our presence updated with fun and informative content from Skydive New England.

The Social Media Administrator is responsible for:

  • Creating Strategy Development with Director and Team
  • Working directly with our social customer base.
  • Uploading content, running promotions and Creating Buzz
  • Expanding connectivity and maintaining growth within all Social Media Platforms
  • Assisting Marketing Team with Data Input and Online Connectivity

The Media Administrator should have a working knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • A Graphic Design Programs – (Corel, Paint or whatever your used to working in)
  • Design in Advertisements, Brochures, Posters, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, and E-cards etc.
  • Internet Social Networking Administration – (Running Face Book,You Tube, Twitter  Pages -etc.)


For more information or to apply for an Internship with Skydive New England,

Please email us.

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