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The Top Benefits of Skydiving


Curtis Posted by: Curtis White 1 year ago

Does skydiving really live up to the hype? Yes, and goes way beyond! There are numerous benefits of skydiving to be gained – from boosting your self-awareness and introducing you to an incredibly supportive community to increasing your cognitive power and bolstering your physical abilities. People who say skydiving is life-changing isn’t blowing smoke – it is out-of-this-world amazing. Want the rundown on skydiving benefits? Let’s go!

Effects of Skydiving on the Brain

Your brain is an extremely complex organ that pretty much runs the show, and skydiving makes your brain smile. When we do something positively exciting – like skydiving – our brains go a little crazy with the release of chemicals. Dopamine (happiness), serotonin (peace), endorphins (safety), and of course, adrenaline (HECK to the YEAH) are all secreted, and it feels awesome (i.e. your brain smiles!).

Skydiving isn’t an activity just for the daredevils of the world. Many avid skydivers jump regularly to actually relieve stress, anxiety, and even the serious symptoms of PTSD, making skydiving straight-up healthy – some even say therapeutic. Some skydivers claim that there are spiritual benefits of skydiving, whether that is from discovering power from within or hanging out with their God in the sky, it’s profound.

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Does Skydiving Improve Your Response to Stress and Fear?

It definitely can! Just like anything, skydiving (and the stress that naturally comes with it) gets more manageable the more you do it. Remember the first time driving a car? It was probably pretty nerve-wracking, right? But now it’s easy! The same goes for skydiving. When we conquer the initial fear that comes along with jumping from a plane (ahhh!), we learn fear is something we’re capable of overcoming. It’s a choice!

The funny thing about fear is that you can’t rationalize it, no matter how hard you try. Fear sticks in our brains until we prove to ourselves that something doesn’t need to be feared – and then we get to kick it to the curb which feels oooh so good and empowering! The next time a stressful situation inevitably comes along, invite your beautiful brain to remember how you overcame the anxiety of jumping for the first time and apply the same tactics to the new situation.

Does Skydiving Increase Your Confidence?

Oooh yeah. Whether you’re a “one and done” or “I’m going to skydive until my very last day” type, your confidence will grow exponentially. The first time you jump, you prove to yourself that you can do anything you want. You can conquer any mental hurdle that comes your way!

Those who desire to experience the beauty of jumping over and over (and over!) again will learn to skydive solo – which requires a serious commitment of time and resources and comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ll practice and prep in the sky and on the ground, mastering different skills during each student’s skydive, so you can save your own life if necessary and look out for others in the sky.

Skydivers live by the motto: never stop learning.

The growth and improvement you experience during every single jump is a huge confidence boost. And as you grow into a well-rounded and accountable skydiver, you learn to balance that confidence with humility.

Physical Health Benefits of Skydiving

Skydiving is definitely a workout! Don’t be mistaken, it’s an extremely inclusive sport, but it does require you to be in generally decent health. Skydiver exercise benefits your flexibility, muscle growth, and stamina. Skydivers have to limber up prior to a jump in order to avoid injury – just as athletes in any sport. The gear that’s used on a standard jump is approximately 25 lbs and is worn while hurtling through the sky at about 120mph – wild right!? Talk about increased muscle tone! The weight of the gear quickly becomes comfortable and like a natural addition to your frame, trust us – you’ll see!

One of the most prominent and noticeable advantages of skydiving is increased stamina. It’s common to be pretty pooped after your first jump due to the crash that comes after the high of the jump – remember the big release of all those smiley brain chemicals? As you jump more and more, the mental and physical demand of skydiving lessens and becomes familiar, more natural: second nature. This is why skydivers, like tandem instructors and videographers, can shred the skies multiple times a day (even more than once per hour)!

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Strangers Become Friends … Become Family

We’ve saved the best for last: the skydiving community! It’s unique and debatably the closest-knit in the world. Our sky fam spans the globe and is chock full of supportive individuals who come from varying backgrounds, and yet all share a common respect and big love for one thing – the sky. While jumping is unquestionably a huge part of skydiving, the sport is much more than that. Cooking out after the sunset load (AKA the best load of the day), making conversation or playing games during weather holds, and celebrating each other’s triumphs are what skydiving is all about.

Come jump with us at Skydive New England and experience the health benefits of skydiving for yourself! The dropzone is hands down the happiest place on earth, and we can’t wait to share our admiration for the sky with you! Feel free to contact us with any questions. Blue skies!