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Are There Skydiving Health Risks?


Curtis Posted by: Curtis White 2 years ago

Woefully, there are certain conditions that would prevent one from skydiving, and yes, like any extreme sport, there are health risks involved. Fortunately, the health risks associated with skydiving are meticulously calculated to the TEE, and medical conditions that prevent skydiving are few and far between.

Medical Conditions That Prevent Skydiving

We’re not doctors, we’re skydivers. If you have a concern about your health prior to skydiving, consult with your doctor and get the “go-ahead.” Medical conditions that prevent someone from taking the biggest leap of their lives (from a plane!!) are rare.

Number one concern: can you skydive with a heart condition? We can’t answer this question definitively. Because each of us is so unique and special (aww), each person who asks, “Can you skydive with heart problems?” or more specifically, “Can you skydive with a heart murmur?” has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis by a medical professional.

Some examples of medical conditions that could potentially prevent someone from skydiving include diabetes, epilepsy, and high blood pressure. Typically, these conditions just heighten the risk of skydiving and don’t actually prevent someone from pursuing the sport. There are plenty of regular jumpers who manage their medical conditions and are able to fully enjoy soaring through the sky. 

Skydiving With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Can you skydive with pre-existing medical conditions? YES! Our sport is full of people who make it work with medical issues and different abilities. From people with managed asthma to amputees, skydiving as a sport prides itself on being super inclusive while keeping safety (and fun!) as our top priority.

Other Skydiving Restrictions

Nope. If you are age 18 and above and of sound mind and body, you are welcome to get those knees in the breeze! 

Nope! We don’t skydive all the time because we like pain … we do it because it’s fun and dare we say, relaxing!?

  • What about my ear holes?

Skydiving, while known to cause some ear popping, does not typically actually hurt your ears. If you come to jump in the middle of having a sinus infection, we will 1) be low-key mad that you brought your germs to us, and 2) feel so bad for your ears! Those two little listeners will be struggling through the pressure changes as you fall 120 mph toward earth (wooohooo!), and while this is usually fun, we advise against skydiving if you have a cold … or any sickness for that matter! 

Can You Have a Heart Attack From Skydiving?

There are people who skydive every single weekend, multiple times a day and are totally chillin’ at their work desk when Monday rolls around. 

Falling ill or having a medical issue as a result of skydiving is a rarity. However, a heart attack is possible while skydiving (or doing anything for that matter!). Skydiving for the first time tends to induce higher levels of stress in specific individuals, which in turn makes your heart a little jumpier than usual. Adrenaline, baby! If you have a weakened heart or a history of heart issues (stress-related or not) then skydiving may not be the wisest thing for you to do. 

But, as always, consult with your physician and then make an informed decision. 

I Was Approved to Skydive by my Doctor, Do I Tell My Tandem Instructor?

YES, YES, YES. Please let us know if you have a pre-existing condition that made you feel the need to seek approval from your doctor before skydiving. 

Please do not look back at your instructor at the door of the plane and say, “Oh DUDE! I totally forgot to tell you … I have screws in my back and one time I passed out from stress.” We would love to know this information beforehand. 

Our instructors are highly trained professionals who take pride in providing the best experience for first-time jumpers! We like to be as prepared as possible for any potential situation. For example, if you have bad knees, we may land a bit differently to account for your comfort. 

Can I Come to Watch If I Can’t Jump?

Uhhh, that’s not even a question … OF COURSE you can! 

Skydiving is truly 50% jumping and 50% hanging out with the community. Some of the best educational moments and remarkable lifelong memories are created on the ground, not in the sky. Skydivers joke that more learning is done during weather holds when we’re all stuck waiting around for the clouds, rain, or wind to calm down, than there is during the actual skydive!

Got the doc’s approval? Carpe diem and let’s SEND ITTTT!! We can’t wait to show you what our sport’s all about, in the sky and on the ground.

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