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The After-Effects of Skydiving


Curtis Posted by: Curtis White 1 year ago

Feeling absolutely awesome, experiencing an eagerness to skydive solo, and basking in the utter accomplishment of jumping from an airplane for the first time are all after skydiving effects, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The effects that skydiving has on the brain and body are phenomenal – let’s get into it! 

What Does Skydiving Do to the Brain?

Let’s talk about the very basic components of a skydive. Skydiving is the act of doing something exciting and super fun with really awesome people, getting constant reassurance in the safety measures taken, and finally feeling like a total ace for actually doing it! 

When we do something with all these elements, our brains release a slew of chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline. These components allow us to feel satisfaction, motivation, a healthy amount of nervousness, and a heightened sense of well-being. 

We can probably count how many other times in life this happens on one hand! They create a pretty unique concoction of emotions, which makes it an unforgettable experience! 

after effects of skydiving

What Happens to Your Body After Skydiving?

It isn’t natural to go a couple of miles in the sky, jump out, fall around 120 mph, and then act as if nothing happened … it’s a big deal! Let’s get into the effects of skydiving on the body –

Instantaneous Effects:

On the day of your skydive, your body will react to the exponential influx of the chemicals mentioned above, and one thing that will result from this is an increased heart rate. Your body may get physically jittery as the nerves kick in, and feel very relaxed once it’s all said and done!

The day after your skydive it’s normal to feel a bit of soreness in areas you don’t typically stretch or pump iron. You may be the fittest fiddle in the gym but if you’ve never done a banana arch while trucking through the sky, then you’re bound to feel some type of burn the next day! 

Long-Term Effects:

After skydiving regularly, your body will gain muscle, and more incredibly increased stamina. Think about it this way: the first time you go running after an off-period, your muscles will HURT and you’ll only be able to go for a short distance. After running every day for a week or so, your muscles will hurt (in a good way) and you won’t run out of gas as quickly!

With skydiving, the more we do it the more our bodies get accustomed to it – the pre-jump jitters subside, our muscles don’t ache as we get comfortable carrying a 25lb rig on our backs, and we become bendier! 

effects of skydiving on the brain

Can You Get Sick After Skydiving?

Okay, yes, but it is super rare! If you follow these steps the possibility of getting sick is virtually non-existent!

  1. Eat! You’re nervous, your tummy is in knots, and stomaching food just seems like the opposite thing to do. BUT keeping your body nourished will actually mitigate any nausea. Obviously, this is meant to be in moderation. The morning of your skydive is not the best time to attempt downing five packs of Pop-Tarts (yummm), but eating a balanced and “easy” breakkie is the way to go! Staying fed keeps our blood sugar in check, our organs happy, and our headspace in the right space. 
  2. Drink up – not alcohol! Staying hydrated is right up there next to eating on our “things you must do to have a happy time skydiving” list. Sipping on water or your favorite energy drink before your jump keeps your body grounded and prevents all your organs from going into fight or flight mode. Alcohol before jumping is seriously a big no-no the day before or the day of your skydive, I mean, do we really need to explain? 
  3. Communicate! If you’re prone to motion sickness do NOT be embarrassed or scared! We are here to help you and ensure that you have the best possible experience, which means we will cater to your needs in any way possible. By telling your instructor that motion sickness is your nemesis or that it’s something you’re nervous about, they’ll be able to breathe on the ride to altitude with you, talk you through any nerves under the canopy, and glide to the ground in the smoothest way possible. Help us, help you! 

The Biggest After-Effect of Skydiving?

Downright, absolute euphoria. The #1 side effect and total benefit of skydiving is the shift to a more positive, mindful, and “in the moment” perspective on life. We skydivers have found that one of the keys to a fulfilling life is to not take it so seriously!

Ready to take the leap of a lifetime? Book today! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, we can’t wait for you to experience the sublime after-effects of skydiving!